Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Partial Family Update

This old girl, our sweet and naughty Belle, took a serious backward flip off the slippery stairs last night. Each day she falls a little more and we sense the end a little nearer. Sniff sniff.

And this little boy asked to please have his hair like this big boy's...

so mama got out this scizzors and removed quite a bit.

And now that mama needs to get ready for sports Saturday and all the uniforms while sipping espresso from this new purchase (I now have three coffee makers, yow!) And can I just add two more things? One- I got carded last night buying beer and wine. Mmmmwah to that girl who said it was iffy. Two- spring break is almost done and I'm not very happy that Thursday brought hail and yesterday brought snow while I was teaching outdoor bootcamp. I'm just glad it's almost done so I don't have to hear one more person say they were leaving for Hawaii.


Lisa said...

Beautiful photos! Especially Belle and Joey (no offense to Josh). Where is his after picture? Can't wait. Love & blessings, L.

MandyPants said...

Yes, I can't wait to see the "grown up" Joey after pics too. Don't they always look so much older when they get their hairs cut?

Do you like the espresso maker? Is it easy to use? The Ritters have one, so I know it makes a yummy cuppa.

Where and when are you teaching bootcamp? Is it through the Y? Would I have to be a member to join? I seriously need to get moving...and soon!