Monday, February 8, 2010

Today is Monday

Monday, string beans.

Don't know what I mean? I've never understood the book either but the pictures are nice in a simple sort of way.

And since it's early Monday and I'm sitting here in the dark with my latte, I am quietly making a pledge that this week I will not freak out that we're moving in a few weeks. I will not freak out that my house needs to be packed. I will not freak out that I haven't seen the house we offered to rent. I will not freak out that it's my daughter's birthday the weekend we're moving and I secretly fear it will be a bust. I will not freak out about the busiest, jammed packed calendar and the fundraiser I'm responsible for.

Nope. I vow to stay sane. (Better hold off on the coffee refill!) I pledge to keep it simple. So today- it's string beans, tomorrow- spaghetti. However, I will have a problem come Thursday. Maybe tofu?

You have a good, non-freak out sorta week, too!

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