Thursday, February 4, 2010

Over the past few months I have completely fallen off the blogging globe. I mean- I don't have a chance to sit down and write or read all my faves anymore. I know I'm sounding whiney but I feel a smidge like I've earned the whining rites these days. How is it that we have been in our house for six months and we have to move already? I don't want to move. I like our house. I am not ready to move. I just got settled in this house. Blah.

I'm trying to get over the grumpy thing but that song kick em when they're down keeps playing in my mind. Blah.

Okay, so perhaps we'll find a great house in the next three weeks and all will go swimmingly and we'll stay there for a long time. Long enough to see the Las Vegas economy turn around and profit on our house. (Should be what...2020??)Blah.

IF you are still reading, you must be getting pretty bummed. Let's see if this pic helps. My monkeys at Lowe's- three in a cart, that never happens anymore. AND they're color coordinated!

And p.s. I promise to get my Vitamin D and start being a little less freaked out and a little more positive.

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Easter A. said...

WOW! What a beautiful bunch! They've gotten so big... a joy to see, Heather.:-)