Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Faves

Besides all the berries, summer veggies rock in my world, too. One of my all time favorite messy summer treats are veggie chips. Our previous landlord loaded us up with zucchini and beets so a little slicing some olive oil and sea salt and we're good to go. (How I would have loved to throw some jicama in...)

In our new house, we have a garbage bin for food waste like the contents of my blue bowl. Anyone know where I can get a little counter top storage bin for food so I'm not constantly trekking the bowl outside??

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Regina said...

no idea, i am not a composting kinda gal.

jicama is GROSS. growing up our grandpa would take us to mexico and my sister would always get jicama (with chili powder on it) and i would get coconut. jicama ~ shudder.