Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Frolick

My family and I adore bald eagles. We see them often soaring over the field out back near the river. But we never get up close to them- until yesterday.

Walking was a must after lunch. The warmth of the sun was calling us all. About halfway down the road we spotted two bald eagle soaring in circles around eachother. Isn't it early for mating? We plunked down on some sand leftover from the flood, wide-eyed that the eagles settled into a tree directly above us. And there they stayed- for the hour we were playing, for the remainder of the afternoon, we even saw them on the way to scouts in the evening. And the reports are in, my honey saw them on his way to work this morning. Right there in plain view. I sure hope they'll build a nest and stay.

Barefoot in February. Nothing feels better.

So much sand washed up in the flood we almost feel like we're at the beach. Especially with the seagulls squawking above us.

The road is still pretty chopped up (literally) in areas. Looks like a pretty fun place to race Hotwheels to this little guy.

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Regina said...

hey, his pants are pulled up.
tug loves spotting bald eagles