Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flying Indeed

Time that is, it's flying by. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. And then Valentine's Day already. I have found my life as a homeschooling mother has been very different than my life before. With kids in school and just a baby in tow, I managed to shop and stay on top of things. I could see ahead and plan for it. Now being out in the country and always with plenty of company- I don't get around much anymore. (Probably a good thing with our economy!)

So as I'm sitting here waiting for my honey to get home from an Alaskan business trip, I am painfully aware that day after tomorrow is a special day. Not that he would expect anything from me but that I want to be exciting and full of surprises. And it's not just him but I like to go over the top with the little ones. Heart shaped pancakes, a small treasure waiting on their breakfast plates, sweet cards...

I have got some quick thinking to do- with three children in tow that is.

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