Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Little Somethin' Special

The kids and I went to visit one of my very best friends from college this weekend up on Whidbey Island. We went with the intention of helping Jill and her kids around the house while her husband is in Afghanistan on deployment. She stubbornly tried to stop me from the upkeep of the laundry and refused to go grocery shopping while I watched the little ones. In essence, I didn't get done what I set out to do- to be of much help. But I did treasure the time with just us mamas.
How hilarious is this photo? Jill and I in our apartment at The University of Kansas about four hundred years ago.

And this cake, too. Jill was whipping it up in the kitchen and said, "Somebody is turning 38 this month" with a big smile. I turned fast on my feet in reply, "Well it sure the heck isn't ME! I'm only going to be 37!!" We laughed so hard at that- how Jill spaced out how old we are and how mad I was at the thought of 38. I love the slow pace on the island. Walking to Mass on Sunday morning. Skipping rocks at the beach in the sleepy little town. Everyone seemingly knowing eachother. My friends have it made (despite military deployment). They live in a place where I could only dream of someday living. But for now, we're happy just to visit.
The highlight of the trip was sweet little Aby getting to talk to daddy after not hearing his voice in weeks. Heartbreaking...Truck in hand, how badly he wants to get in there.
Jill and her littlest one early Sunday morning.
A five minute walk to St. Mary's which overlooks the water.


Regina said...

so which is right, 37 or 38. and when in may?

Tween Lit Crit said...

Hey, my parents live on whidbey, but they go to St. Hubert... patron of hunters. I like that.... it's in Freeland.