Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holy moly, it's been a long time since I've been here. So much has been happening over here and now it's the first day of Advent already! I went underground to get things done with a visit from my mom. I've been fighting sickness again and again. I've been working on keeping everyone in check and being where they're supposed to be. So, it sounds like just about every one of my friends with busy lives.

I'm so very happy to say that my husband is now officially a certified EMT- after three months of no husband on Tuesdays or Saturdays I am so happy to have him back. It is so very hard to stay on track and organized and regenerated while sailing the ship on your own. Single moms- you're darn tough.

And on a completely different note, Old Navy has a fun Rock Band set up to entertain your children (when they can get the drum sticks away from mommy) while you shop. Here's a photo of one singer, two drummer and some seriously bad music.

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Regina said...

glad to see you back. hope you are feeling better soon and YAY josh!