Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

We headed up to see our good college friends on Whidbey for thankful day. We were thankful for so much (everyone kept adding to the list throughout the day). Here my little guy isn't so sure about something...I haven't a clue because he seemed content to wait out the ferry ride helping mama crochet a hat AND he got to relieve himself in a Starbuck's cup. I mean you have to feel better after that.

And this I love- the view of the water from the kitchen.

A right arm perhaps to wake up to that view every day. Wait, nevermind, not an arm- I'm thankful for my arms. How about a car? I'd give a car to wash dishes to that. And I swear my kid isn't drinking an ale! A six pack of root beer made a very happy crew.

So while I was so thankful for a delish dinner, good friends, too much wine and the fact that Josh and I whooped the adult Trivial Persuit players...the next morning sent agony. First I thought it was the wine. Then the stomach flu. Now we think it was a gallbladder attack. Throwing up in the car for three hours ain't my cup of thankful tea. And to be weak and in pain for the remainder of the weekend downright stunk.

But today...I am good, I still have a gallbladder, and for that I am thankful.

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Anonymous said...

ugh that didnt sound like it was too much fun! i would whip you at trivial pursuit, because i can spell pursuit ;)