Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Dog's Day

She's been notoriously naughty but today she's 10. It still feels like yesterday that I cried for a puppy.
After much "pitchin it" to my husband we found Belle. We brought her home and took a gazillion pictures of her. We loved her as if she were our child. I cried again the day she lost her first puppy tooth. "Our baby is growing up" I yelled as I ran into the room and woke up a sleepy husband.
Three kids later with many chewed shoes and stolen loaves of bread...and here we are. She's getting very white in the face and we hope - I MEAN wonder if she'll go to doggy heaven soon. Don't get me wrong- we really do love Belle. We'll leave it at that and say 'Happy Birthday Belly Boots'!