Friday, December 14, 2007

Here Fishy, Fishy

Wide eyed, all three kids watched today as I dismantled a fish. Is that the right way to say it?
We got our first 'real' fish today at Costco. You know, not swimming but not already packaged. "Just slice of the tail and fins and you'll be good to go" the man told me. Sounds easy enough.
But what he didn't tell me was that when we got home and took Mr. Fishy out of his bag... that he would be so bloody. I mean like all over the counter hemorrhaging! Okay, maybe not that bad but when I cut him up and removed ALL the bones and listened to all three fish mongers yell "EWWWWWW" - let's just say it looked a little crime sceney.
Let's just hope he tastes good. Maybe the way it was recommended- with a little butter, garlic salt and brown sugar... Or maybe we'll just keep buying packaged salmon after all.