Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"After Midnight"

"We gonna let it all hang out..." Come on- sing it with me.

What a wonderful trip we had this past week to sunny Arizona. We took in a Cubs spring training game, a quick road trip to see our great friends in Las Vegas, swimming, the park, some outlet mall shopping, a visit with our cousins and I even snuck in a pedicure and massage. Ahhhhhhhh....

We arrived home late last night. Very late. Shortly before midnight we pulled into the driveway only to have the 2 year old tell us his every intention of going outside to ride his bike and then go downstairs to play with his toys. (In that order). Well do you think he liked it when we said, "No, no, no little one. It's sleepy time". No- he didn't- at all. He let us know about his disappointment for some time. Thus, the title for this post- "We gonna jump, shake and shout..." Somewhere around 12:30 I fell asleep while he read books in his bed. And how is it that said child played for an hour in his bed instead of napping today? Even the 5 year old has been asleep for 2 hours this afternoon!

And in case you didn't get the memo- the official date of the end of spring break has been changed until tomorrow. zzzzzzzzz

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