Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Go Figure

Is sleep over-rated? Do we really need a whole bunch of it all at the same time? Or are little bouts with major interruptions satisfactory?

It never fails at this house. I admit I'm part of the problem- I've always been a stinky sleeper. A light sleeper who wakes upon anything. Couple that with a screaming 2 year old that's thirsty but you brought him the wrong cup at 4 am with the phone ringing off the hook trying to fax something... What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired. I simply can't get up in the night and fall peacefully back to sleep. I wish it were that easy.

My friend, Kathleen, taught me that when we are awakened in the night it's for a reason. So... amidst my grumpiness I try to be thankful for the interruptions and I do believe that I am wide awake to pray for someone who needs it. My secret? The Divine Mercy chaplet. I usually sing it in my head because it's ingrained from EWTN- but I do this over and over again until I eventually slip away. I mean until the phone rings again with no one but a beep on the other end!

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