Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dad's Day

Our St. Patrick's day began in it's usual fashion- a visit from the Leprechaun leaving treats at the door. (Much to the surprise of the kids who thought there might not be any wee lads running through these parts). We heard from our neighbors that he had been there, too. What a coincidence!

The house was a buzz for the rest of the day getting ready for daddy's birthday celebration. Many a note and card was made. Games were invented. Prizes were assembled. Even a secret delivery of balloons to daddy's office- what a day!

Perhaps the best part of the day came last. As we sat down for dinner we saw the most glorious, vibrant, full rainbow that we've ever seen. Oddly it hadn't been raining- just a quick drizzle and bam- there it was.
Moments later it became a double rainbow just beckoning us to reach out and grab it. Better yet the the pot of gold, which is exactly what the kids tried to do.

We wrapped up the day walking off our chocolate cake jitters (no, I didn't have any but thanks for wondering) down to the river. We skipped rocks, listened to the birds going to bed, laughed as the frogs announced themselves, and strolled home the way it should be; kids on bikes with one snuggly tike in his stroller and mom and dad hand and hand.

Happy Birthday honey, we sure do love you!


Karen E. said...

It looks like you live in paradise .... how beautiful!

Tara said...

Your land is so beautiful! Looks like a little piece of heaven on earth!