Thursday, March 27, 2008

Of Saintly Causes

Last September, just weeks before we moved from the desert Southwest, I received an email story from our friend Dave. What he sent made us all cry. It was the story of a young girl- joyfully suffering from cancer. I think every single parent first internally thinks , "What if that were my child?" followed by "Thank you, God, that my child is okay". It's human nature, I believe, to put oneself into the shoes of another and to be thankful for their own familiar pair.

But my heart never really forgot that story of little Gloria Strauss. She was an 11 year old girl with such maturity, faith and fortitude. As for her family- what a beautiful, loving and reverent family. And what a small world to open my Magnificat this month to read the inside cover;

Dear Friends of MAGNIFICAT,

A few months ago, a newspaper carried a moving story about Gloria Strauss, a courageous eleven-year old girl with a devastating and very painful form of cancer. Gloria and her family are fervent Catholics, and Gloria's parents, Doug and Kristen, realized that the only way to face such an unbearable situation was by relying on their faith. They are daily MAGNIFICAT readers. And they have saintly friends, like the one who encouraged them to pray this way: "You're asking for Jesus to come close to this situation and be who he is. You say, 'I want you. Come close. Be who you are. And bring salvation.' That's the first miracle." He told them to pray with confidence, not seeking some thing but some One. He assured them that "when we say yes to Jesus, in some mysterious way, God uses that." This excellent counsel is a good way for all of us to live our Lent. We pray for the Strausses and for all those facing excruciating trials in their life. We beg the Crucified On to come close.

In Jesus and Mary,
Rev. Peter John Cameron, O.P.

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And more acts of divine providence...this month at the women's group at church I met a young nurse from Children's Hospital in Seattle. She proceeded to tell me how many employees and patients were touched by the spirit of this young soul. Other women at the meeting shared their experiences of the rosary vigils held for sweet Gloria. And yet another friend spoke of inquests for nominating young Gloria for sainthood.

As I cannot fathom the pain that the Strauss family and many others endure, I am drawn to the beauty of their acceptance and am in awe. In awe of their selfless acts of love and their current cause to help others.

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