Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Here We Are

The culmination of Lent for me is Good Friday. "What's so good about Good Friday?" my daughter asked years ago. She now knows. I love that the kids understand this and that we talk about it. I know people that shy away from discussing the passion of Good Friday with their children; unnecessary violence, they say. I disagree. This is our faith. It's the truth. It really happened. And for the record, they're right, it is a painful realization.

But here we are at the end of it. What have we learned? Have we changed? I pray that my family has- I know I have. I was doubtful of my strength in resisting all sweets-candy, chocolate, cake, scones, pastries...but I managed. I did it. And when everyone else around me was enjoying something for a special occasion, I just offered it up, my minute sacrifice. These past few weeks have brought so much more than just a resistance to temptation. I pray a lot. A lot more than I did. I find myself waking up praying. Saying prayers for people I pass on the street. Praying for people I can't stand. (Trust me- this is very new to me). But something has come alive. God has removed me from my everyday life and put me in a quiet corner of the world. Away from my friends, away from outside distraction, away from my vanity. It's been a struggle but it's been good.

So this Lent has been a different one for me and for that I am thankful.


Anonymous said...
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Karen E. said...

What a beautiful and fruitful Lent you had -- Praise God! May you have a happy and blessed Easter!

Easter A. said...

A glorious, joyous and blessed Easter to you and your beautiful family!

p.s. you are right about your husband calling him handsome!:-)

So glad you had a great vacation!