Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rules are Rules

I'm not naming names but this is a story involving a major airline company and a very popular chain restaurant.

Yesterday we were preparing to fly out of Arizona. I'm always flustered to fly- not a fear of flying but the panic of security and traveling alone with 3 children gets the best of me. With all those shoes and belts and watches and backpacks and get the picture.

Well oddly enough, the gal checking us in at the unmentioned airline was even more flustered than I. So much in fact she was mentioning to those working next to her that she was leaving her post due to "too much drama". She handed me my gate check and that was it. I say that was it because there was no questioning what I was traveling with, or who was traveling- not even and ID check. This actually bothered me to no end. Why didn't she check on 4 people traveling? Did we look that harmless?

Here comes the funny part. My parents treated us to dinner at- oops, I said I wouldn't tell. Anyway, we sit down to dinner and I ordered a beer. A nice, cold beer would take the edge off that security point, I thought. I got carded for my beer (thank you!!) but then I had to laugh - my parents were carded as well and the guy wasn't kidding. Yes, they look great for their ages but they are both obviously over 21. story is really about the rules. Do we truly live in an age where a 72 year old man gets carded for a beer in the same airport that his 30-something year old daughter doesn't get id'd to check into a flight? Please explain!

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