Friday, March 14, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Mere coincidence I dare ask? Aside from mommy being tired and grumpy this morning (and so soon after a restful vacation)- my thoughts have been on the weather. We're having a gray day, make that week, here in the Pacific Northwest. Gray and wet. It's like a preemptive Good Friday.

Back to the coincidence...As we were finishing up some lessons this morning my daughter burst out laughing and ran to me with her science book. "Read this!", she cried.

Climate is how the weather always is in a place, or how it is for many years. We can look at rain and snow and notice that Olympia, WA, has 164 rainy days and 50 inches of rain in an average year, while Las Vegas, NV has only 26 rainy days and 4 inches of rain a year.

Well that sums it up nicely. We've not yet fully embraced this climate. Compare the two; 164 days to 26 days of rain - it's enough to make a mommy sing come again another day.

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