Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earthly in Thought

My nickname years ago was tree-hugger. I personally don't find anything wrong with that and at this time it's a badge to wear proudly. Today we celebrate Earth Day and hope to find enough inspiration to make every day special on this beautiful God-given planet. I found it interesting that some in the news were questioning Pope Benedict on his recent trip about some environmental content in which he spoke. Why the questions? What's the confusion? We have a green pope. He isn't speaking from some political standpoint- he cares very deeply about the state of the environment.

In our house we have a very busy day with classes at the co-op (and just for earth day- you can get free coffee if you bring your own mug, yay!), t-ball, ballet and books due at the library. Somewhere in the middle today we will be making the favorite every year- dirt cake. Yum! We'll be working on crafts like this one.

And because they begged- we'll be having little chocolate earths.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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