Friday, April 4, 2008

Swelling Heart and the Spanish Inquistion

Sitting at breakfast this morning my middle man fired away with his armory of questions.

Mom, why are you weak with the hand you don't use? (bite of oatmeal)
Mom, what's the last number in the universe? (another bite)
Mom, when are we going to grandma's house again? (gulp)
Mom, what is 25x5002? (scoop and insert)
It went on and on. No one else could say anything. And yet when those big brown eyes peered up at me over his bowl and I saw this little person growing by the second, my heart just swelled. It almost hurt from love. I think sometimes about how much I care about these little people and at times how they make me certifiable- that must be how God feels about us but magnified. His love is even greater than my heart-swelling moments and his disappointment in us when we stray must be worse than my hair-pulling days.

The ebb and flow of having these children home with me is life changing. We have our moments when it's all falling apart and we have our moments that shine so brightly. I will treasure this table talk and keep it tucked in my back pocket for the next rainy day.


Akinogal said...
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Tara said...

Thanks for this post! I actually forwarded it to a friend of mine who was having a "moment of falling apart". A great encouragement to us home schooling moms - we all definitely have the moments where "it's shining", & the hard times when "it's raining".