Monday, April 21, 2008

Keeping Spidey on the Down Low

I mean no offense when I say this and perhaps I'll sound a little snooty but I just can't stand super heroes. You know Spidey, Superman, etc. In my book they aren't real heroes at all- we have the saints for those great stories. Joan of Arc, St. George, St. Patrick; all have incredible accomplishments and entail true superhero status. Their stories have danger, drama and best

All righty back to my point. I have never bought my children clothes with characters on them. (With the exception of one Mickey Mouse nightgown and I had to explain who that was- thanks Disney!) My husband takes it up a notch. He won't wear anyone's logo- no free advertising for him. He winces if there is a horse on the pocket, he refuses to wear a shirt that displays those three familiar letters that begin with a G. It's just him- gotta love it.

Our family hit the outlet mall yesterday afternoon, shopping for a much needed raincoat for my middle man. About every 20 feet there was a motion car for suckers, I mean parents, to plunk $.50 into and watch their kids go back and forth with great enthusiasm. We happened upon one that had a creepy looking Spiderman in the passenger seat. My kids ran to it, laughing. They all took turns jumping in the car with the strange man in webs. Both my husband and I asked them, "Who is that man? What's his name?" To which the three replied, "I don't know" shoulder shrug and all.

Yesssssss, we both said at the same time. It's working this non-commercial thing. And as for the raincoat- a lovely yellow slicker with not a logo in site.

P.S. About my Disney comment earlier- they really don't know about that gimmick. Let's keep it up okay?

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