Saturday, April 5, 2008

Inspirationally Ikea

In case you haven't noticed, spring fever has spread. It's all over the blogosphere. And the bug has found it's way to my house. The junk drawer can no longer hold it's title. The closets are slimmer. The flour and sugar have found new homes in these. Drawers now shut. CD's are organized. Calendars are up. And we have a new bookcase with books topically arranged, thanks to our trip to Ikea yesterday.

If you haven't ever been to this store, you must locate one and run to it. Bring your children because it's a field trip like no other. You can spend an entire day there and it's almost like going to Disneyland (not like we would know that!). And don't forget to stop for the meatballs before you go.

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Tara said...

Love the new shelves! Isn't organizing fun!? I always love the ending result & the feeling of accomplishment.