Monday, April 14, 2008

We Did It

And painfully. The half marathon really was a great experience but those hills... my legs might be sore until Christmas! My husband, our friends and I ran over the mats together and shortly after our first hill, separated. We all broke into our own comfortable strides and didn't reunite until coming into the stadium 2 hours later. As we finished, the rains began to come down and we very quickly cooled off.

For me, the best parts of the race had to be around mile 8 when our friend, Jill, (bravely in charge of eight children) drove by in the van-honking like mad and all the kids cheering me on. What a perk! Also, the scenery doesn't get much prettier than on the island- fields of flowers to one side and the ocean on the other. Not too shabby!

Silly seagull- I was trying to get the mountain views from the ferry!

A quaint farmers market on the island- they were having a wine tasting as we pulled in. Too bad for us that doesn't bode well with a big run the next morning.

The tide is out, let the scavenger hunt begin...

Before and after

Nothing like a scoop of ice cream to make the 3 hour trip home. Weekend well done!

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