Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Entire Row

In the desert Southwest my husband built me a garden. I'm not talking bells and whistles (although he did a really nice job) but a box about 2x6 that housed many an effort. We couldn't get a whole bunch to grow there- tomatoes did nicely and peppers, too. Each year I would with great enthusiasm plant herbs and veggies and just wait for them to wilt in the 100+ heat all summer long.

When we moved up to the Pacific Northwest this year I found that we are surrounded by farms. It was like hitting the jackpot- fresh, organic foods right there at my disposal. Then I realized that much of this farmland goes quiet for many dark and rainy months. Ugh- what a tease. I also found that our beautiful yard on our rental property had well manicured lawns and beautiful landscaping surrounding the house. But no garden. My first chance for green appendages and no outlet.

Our landlord raises trees on a tree farm just beyond our yard and Sunday night we walked through the farm when he mentioned my fondness of gardening. That's when he said it- those magical words...I could have my own space for MY OWN garden. And it wasn't just some space but an entire row of the most beautifully tilled soil I'd ever seen! Can you just imagine my delight?

So far the order looks like this: corn, potatoes, onions, beans, squash (acorn and spaghetti), zucchini, carrots, spinach, melon, chamomile (for tea), sunflowers and lavender. We should have our shipment in about a week and be planted by mid-May. I am hoping to be knee-high by the 4th of July! Watch for updates...

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