Monday, November 3, 2008

A Beary Good Halloween

Halloween was an amazingly busy day but an awesome one at that. Here is the photo recap.
St. Patrick gets ready to leave for his Saints party. What's he reading, you ask? Why,it's the bird field guide, of course.

St. Francis cannot stand still for a picture- he wants to get to the party!

Blessed Kateri loves her costume, so does her mom.

The weather was awful all day- pouring buckets to be exact. Late that afternoon, on our way home from the party, the sky opened, the sun began to break through and patches of fog crept in. It was perfect for Halloween night.

We hit a few houses in our neighborhood but being that we're the only kids around, we headed downtown where all the action happens. The kids were all fired up, singing and laughing when low and behold, in the midst of our low beams were two black bears running down the road. "Is that?!" we all yelled. Yes, it was. Either two really good and authentic costumes or .... We pulled over to take pictures, but all I got was my husband's face as he leaned out listening to the bears traipsing through the black berry bushes. Who woulda ever thought we would see them out trick or treating.


Regina said...

the whole bear thing is a little nerve racking!

Jessica said...

Beautiful costumes!!!