Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Do It Every Year

The time change- I mess it up. This year I stayed up waaaay too late watching tv, got up too early to move a boy into my bed, and then couldn't fall back asleep. Seeing that the clock said almost 7, I got up and made some coffee. Might as well review the notes of what I need to teach at Sunday school, right?

But then, with coffee in hand, warm apple candle glowing and space heater humming, my eyes glance down to the lower right hand of my computer. What?! 6am! You mean I did it again? And I could still be sleeping with that snuggly little boy in my bed? Agh.

Perhaps I should fasting from sleep for my All Souls sacrifice? Or does it not count if you accidentally do it? Either way, have a wonderful finish to this weekend full of feasts from one very baggy-eyed mom!

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