Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Send the Animals-Two by Two

The beginning stages of the flood.

Hoowee, it's been a wet one. I should have known what was in store for us when I left in the dark this morning to go to the gym and helicopters were hovering near our house. That river...again, I concluded.

Rains came in hard yesterday and continued through the night. Eerily, this morning the river was rising to the side of the road. We decided to go ahead with our plans to see the matinee of Robin Hood even though we (I) knew it was risky.

Funny that a few school buses didn't show for the play. Let's see...could it be...the weather?! Half way through the show we got wind that things were getting bad fast so against my daughter's wishes, we split. Fast. Anxious.

Now you have to understand that there is only one road to my house. One long and lonely road. Did I mention long? Oh right- so as we neared the parallel to the river, BOOM! Flooding. No way we should try to cross. So we backed up and parked at someone's house. We were about a mile from home so we couldn't carry much- just the essentials (my purse, the popcorn and some webkinz).

We thought maybe we could Lewis and Clark our way around the water-covered road but no such luck. It was too wide and too deep. Just then this very kind man appeared in a massive truck and drove us across. Thank you Mr. Oil Truck Man!

We continued to walk home and watch the flooding from the house. Whole trees flew down the river. I think I might have even seen a few houses and condos and okay- that's exaggerating a bit.

About 4pm we wandered out again because I could no longer see the road. Sure enough, the road as far as we could see was covered in water. (The same road we walked home on). And there were more curious on-lookers. Our small little block all out with umbrellas marveling over mother nature- what a sight.

It's dark now and I have no idea what's happening. Have we crested yet? Will my husband be able to get back to his car in the morning? Will my anesthesiologist neighbor make it to her 6am surgery? Will this cause hardship for many? And just how did the play end? I have no answers, I just have to sit patiently inside and wait for the sun to come again. We're stuck after all-better make the best of it.

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Regina said...

wow, i was going to send an email yesterday to see if all was well because i saw some of your area was getting flooded. glad it isnt toooooo bad!