Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Expelled

I have been wanting to see Expelled for a long time now but being that we NEVER get to the theater, I had to wait for video. Even better- I got Netflix. Now, this isn't necessarily an endorsement for Flix but I have to say- I am really enjoying it. No more late fees, no more standing in the movie store trying to deter little eyes from seeing things they shouldn't have to get my drift.

Okay, back to Expelled. It was so well done and what a powerful message to the audience. From the Holocaust to Planned Parenthood- that Ben Stein is one intuitive guy. I enjoy science (even though I'm one of those religious morons as the movie tells me) but I have to say I never knew there was so much pressure to conform in the science realm.

Even if you aren't the mailbox plan like me, go to your local store and get it this week, I highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

Ben Stein is not intuitive. He is ignorant. He knows little to nothing about science or evolution and throughtout the promotion of Expelled, repeated the same lies over and over again.

Please see for the truth about this horrible movie.

Jessica said...

I love Netflix too! My husband had seen expelled at the Theater, but when we saw that it was available to watch instantly online (at Netflix) he had me watch it too. It was great!