Monday, November 10, 2008

Blessed Sacrament Sunday

Yesterday we trekked into the city for an investiture ceremony for both my little Tiger Cub Scout and my American Heritage Girl. What's an investiture ceremony you ask? I didn't know either but when I looked it up, google pointed me to many scout ceremonies welcoming new people.

Ours was a little different. We met for Mass, then processed carrying the pack flags, listened to impassioned speeches as to why we mold our children to do good for God, recited our pack promises and received a blessing from Father. Afterward there was a good party across the street and all had a fun.

There are days that I say to myself- next year we are not getting involved in so much. We drive like mad to get from one activity to the next. However, yesterday confirmed that a portion of our craziness is good, really good.

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