Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Table Turkeys

My daughter is always coming up with new ways to decorate for the season and/or holiday. Here's her latest creation.

Her Tutorial
To make these you will need:
*brown or blue or black clay
*yellow, orange and brown paper
*foam and buttons for the Pilgrim tray
*black marker

For the turkey-Roll brown clay into a ball. Trace your finger on the colored paper then cut out the tracings. Those will be your feathers. Cut our a circle of the brown or red paper for the head and cut out a triangle for the beak. Add real feathers for the wings.

For the pilgrim-You will need a lot of blue or black clay. For his stomach roll a ball of clay and then flatten it slightly. Roll the arms and cut hands out of yellow paper. Stick the paper into the clay. Roll the legs out and add yellow paper shoes. Cut a yellow head out and draw face on with a marker. Roll a hat shape out clay and make a belt with paper. Draw a buckle on the belt and stick on the hat. If you want to make a tray, cut a piece of foam and put buttons or beads on a piece of clay and stick onto the tray.

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Regina said...

super cute