Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Upon Us

The other day driving home from bed shopping (yes a new, very firm mattress will be arriving next week- say goodbye to the bags under my eyes!) we passed a good 50+ cars with that familiar green shape on top of their car roof. My kids yelled, "ALREADY!?" in an incredulous tone because that's what it was...too early!

I explained to them that traditionally families would put their tree up on Christmas Eve and keep it up past Epiphany. We talked about commercialism (I didn't put it that way-I'm not that much of a Grinch) and how Christmas comes as soon as it can to sell, sell, sell. It's actually not a bad idea with our economy but that's a different chat for another time. And they understood or at least seemed to.

We will s l o w l y decorate the house and eventually get our tree. But for today we'll open our chocolate advent calendar just like always and boy are we excited to that! We'll light our advent wreath on the table- I mean we will as soon as I find it. And we'll work on handmade Christmas gifts because that is a major focus in our house this year.

Here's one that I just finished up for my sister in law. An apron to go with cookie cutters.

Not the best photo. I struggled with my model who had other things on his mind than trying on Christmas aprons...


Regina said...

looks cute~cant wait to see what else you create!

MandyPants said...

ooh! where did you get your advent wreath gadget? love the apron! I need to dust off my sewing machine soon. :)

best photo model said...

I think will be a great present for her!