Monday, December 29, 2008

Bells Will Be Ringing

School bells, that is. Today we are back in session after, oh, I can't even remember. Boy we took off some time preparing for Christmas. Today we're back to math, writing, history and geography. I'm feeling a little lax in history with my 4th grader right now. I have planned to start this timeline to plot people and dates in history as we go- I'm only what, three months behind?

We did however get a fabulous geography lesson yesterday at the Pacific Science Center. We saw the IMAX movie, The Mystery of the Nile which followed a group of researchers over 3,000 miles along the river. It was really well done and super interesting. I have always been fascinated with learning about Africa so it was great to see different countries and cultures in the film. Even my little guy loved it. His favorite part? Repelling down the Victoria Falls, "That looks like FUN!" he yelled. Or the parts where the river was treacherous and boats were flipping over in the raging water. "I want to do that!" Yes, I have a brave little spirit on my hands. And the music with this show- I must find it. The gift shop doesn't carry it claiming it's a "Spanish import". What does that even mean?

I'm off to get my whip cracking- that's code for filling up my coffee and relishing the fact that all three kids are still asleep after 8am and it's just me and the rain on the roof. But truly, with coffee in hand I must go work on our history lesson.

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