Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Down

Oh my gosh, I finished it. My first hat!! I hat to improvise on many parts because I didn't follow a pattern and had NO clue how to alternate colors or how to end it. It may not be pretty and it may not fit snug but it's done.

I absolutely love how soft the organic cotton is- no wonder it's so expensive. One Christmas project done and the confidence is building. Now if I could just figure out what these patterns mean...


Regina said...

it looks great!! and doing color changes and going it alone on your first hat~dont pretend to not know what you are doing ;)
if you need help reading a particular pattern just let me know

MandyPants said...

Look at you!! Crafty, crafty. Sewing aprons, knitting hats without patterns...what's next? Building an new HD TV with common household items? :)
Nice job on the hat! How are the fishes coming along?