Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Proverbial Crickets

are not chirping.

Our new pet is missing. My middle man brought this new family member home yesterday from his animal science class. He and his sister got right to work building him a new home fully stocked with food, water and toys.

Chirpy was put in the boy's closet for safe keeping while the proud new papa and his papa went to scouts. Racing in the door at 9pm to check on his new pet, sadness of an empty box set in. Chirpy was missing.

Perhaps we'll hear his (my son taught me how to tell the sex of the cricket and yes, it's a male) distant sound from some far corner today. Until then we'll deal with yet another childhood heartache.

NEWS BREAK: You can all relax because the cricket has been found. All it took was removing every single item out of the closet and re-arranging the bedroom. (Good timing for mom to get rid of the ill-fitting clothes and to find the missing library book!) And take note that because Chirpy has been so quiet, he is now Sam. Phew....

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Regina said...

oh thats a bummer. hope he finds him soon