Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Must See Molly

My good friend Molly just sent me the saddest email informing me that she's going to have to close her incredible small business. It seems that government regulations going into effect in February on all goods being sold for children must undergo testing for lead. Sounds good and important, right? Well, the problem is that this testing is absolutely outrageous in cost for a small business owner. In fact, numerous shops that we love may have to close their doors due to this. Toys, clothes, decor, etc- how incredibly sad.

Please check out Molly O Designs to see her sale and read up more about what can be done.


Regina said...

i heard about that yesterday. sad to think of all the little places (etsy) that will be effected (affected) by this!!

Lerin said...

Wow, I'm sorry for your friend!