Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Technically Speaking

My middle man is a tech junky. Always been. He's just wired that way- pardon the pun. Driving home from the vet yesterday I inquired....

Me: Hey, did you get a chance to read your catechism today?

Him: Yep. All of it.

Me: Oh, good. Tell me about what you read.

Him: Well, it was about sins. Like...(thinking for a moment) actual sins. And virtual sins.

Me: laughing too hard to even explain what he meant to say.

All I can say is next year the priest is going to get a hoot out of this kid!


Regina said...

virtual sins....i can dig it!

Lerin said...

LOL... I guess "virtual" sins would cover reading a blog without commenting on it, failing to return an email in a timely manner, flaming on message boards... yeah, I can see adding a whole new section for virtual sins. ;)

Happy New Year!!!