Friday, December 19, 2008

It'll be Frightful Alright

It's been a blustery wonderland lately. We got snow and with the snow we found ourselves stuck. Our long and lonely road is covered with ice and snow and without good traction, well, we're here. It's been a whole bunch of fun for the past two days baking, wrapping gifts, being together and playing outside.

However, it's been cold. Below freezing and hasn't gotten out of the 20's. Now here comes the bummer part of the winter wonderland. There is another storm moving in tomorrow evening that promises sheets of ice and wind up to 70 mph for those of us in the foothills of the Cascades. My weatherman told me to expect "old testament weather" and to prepare for outages. So we'll have our bathtubs full of water, candles and flashlights ready, a little camping cookstove and many blankets. Hoowee, I suppose it's better than on Christmas day? I still need to get out to civilization at some point and procure myself a few items- in the meantime, I'll work on my patience and try to keep warm.

Some photos to make you feel cold...

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Regina said...

why do people from vegas have a hockey stick??

its cold!!