Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting a Jump on the Resolution

I broke my leg in mid-August and it still hurts to run. I had no idea it would take this long to heal, none. And with an already paid for number in the Seattle Rock-n-Roll marathon late June, I need to be ready to train.

Enter my slight addiction to advertising...I admit, I confess, I got sucked infomercial. My husband smirked as I ranted on and on for days about it. "You could do it too", I said and his smirk grew larger.

My P90X fitness program arrived shortly after and Josh and I are both on day 6. Guess what? We both like it. This isn't the same old workouts with cheesy music and people- they have made the videos so that men don't feel silly doing them. More importantly, the workouts are tough. I must say that I love my little gym I belong to- I crawl home like a defeated fighter after each session but the gym isn't always easy to get to for a homeschooling mom. So this system works perfectly for me and my family. My kids are enjoying it too. Family workouts are fun-the kids are lunging and stretching and racing around the basement.

There are 12 DVDs designed to promote muscle confusion so that each day a new muscular group is working. Let me tell you, I can feel it. I'm sore in all sorts of places. I detest the pull ups and chin ups- as a matter of fact, I stink in that area. I'm hoping that I can eventually do a set of pull ups, tone up, lose the pooch, and get back to my running days. And for the record, I will absolutely not post my before photo unless I get the results I'm looking for in 84 more days.

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Regina said...

oh that is so funny. tug saw this infomercial one night when he was on a business trip, since then he has totally wanted it. let me know how it goes