Friday, January 2, 2009

With a Bang

New Years Eve is always boring and quiet at our house. We're notorious for it. We usually make a big pile of nachos, watch a movie, have a beer and are in bed pretty early. Not this year folks, we did it with a bang.

We began the night in usual fashion, instead of nachos, we had a big plate of very yummy hummus, olives, bread, pesto, garlic, cheese, chicken, etc around the coffee table. And this movie. (Which I thought would be completely "safe" for all ages but they sure made movies differently 30 years ago!)

Our doorbell rang with a pleasant surprise- my ever-so-gracious neighbor delivered some bubbly.

About 8pm we decided it might be fun to go to our running club's party on Lake Samammish. So we quick spruced everyone up and the kids were so excited to be going out. As we were leaving my husband mentioned that his manager was having a party and we were invited. Sure, why not?? We could pop in and what- be home about 10:30?

Well we all had too much fun and had to tear the children away from the insanity of lots of wee ones ringing in the new year. We left the party about 12:30am with my little guy saying, "I can't believe I went to two parties on the same night!" Me neither.

This is the face of a 3 year old who just learned it was time to go home. What a horrid mother!

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Easter A. said...

Oh what fun, Heather!!!

Happy New Year!!!