Monday, January 19, 2009

Get Your Leash, Fatty

I have a fat dog. Some recent comments about le grand chien:

"Wow, you like your foodies, huh big girl??".
"You're not starving, that's for sure".
"Is that...a golden??"

Yes she's fat but it's not all obesity. Part of the problem is the ginormous cysts she has on her carriage. They add a lot of girth to the poor pup. We paid silly amounts of money to find out she doesn't have a thyroid problem like her mama-she's just a sneaky eater and developing "old dog" issues.

Have I mentioned that Belle has quirks? Well, she does- many at that. She is severely afraid of loud noises. On stormy nights and the fourth of July you can find the big beast in the bathtub. I've mentioned before that we hear echoes from a shooting range, too- doesn't help her case. Recently with all the dump trucks unloading 2,000 ton boulders on our road- she has lost her mind. So, we now have a fat dog who won't go for a walk.

Saturday afternoon I got Belle up to the mailbox and she laid down and cried. I had to bribe her every 10 feet with a cookie. There is something terribly wrong with using treats as incentive to get exercise. And it only lasted until my pocket was empty- she went home. I feel like we have a little problem here. No, make that a big one.

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Regina said...

alright you having to give her a cookie to go for a walk is down right hilarious