Friday, January 9, 2009

Global Somthin'

It poured buckets yesterday but it was warm. And then it was cold. And then it hailed. I just can't figure it out. Is everyone seeing strange weather or just us Pacific Northwesterners?

We went out three times yesterday for a flood expedition and this is what we found. In the early morning the white caps where still running through the tree farm behind our house. The road was still unseen. The sound was still incredible. Later in the day, we could hear eachother talking and get a little further down the street. We found crayfish and tried to deliver them back to the river where they came from. We saw lots of damage all around. Fences missing, trees gone, and a neighbor discovered chest high holes in the road.

A good majority of the road was still underwater as of last night. But the river changes fast so we'll have to see the status on that as daylight comes. And as I write this there is a pink hue coming in through my window. It could be the sun- something I haven't seen in about a week.

And I need to add that as cabin-feverish as I am, I am thankful for all we have because numerous people have been affected by this severely.

Here is the tree farm, still a bit underwater. The river "should" be way back in the distance, as should be the road.

Another picture of the field that should just be grass. Now it's a lake.

Can you believe these boys fell in the mud? Boys, mud???

This child will rescue anything. And then she'll tell you about it's life span, where it originated and what it likes to eat. Oh heck, she'll even tell you it's mating/gestation periods. :)


Regina said...

glad your house is in tact. we actually had sun virtually all day yesterday and no rain/hail. glad you at least got a peak of the sun

Easter A. said...

You are such a wonderful, nurturing mother! God bless you, dear Heather!!!