Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Did your mother ever say that to you? Go OUT, get some fresh air. I don't remember my own mother saying this, but I sure say it. A lot.

In our little world, we have what's called Mandatory Outdoor Time. Meaning, if it's not raining, get out! The best time for us to go out is after lunch- it isn't as cold and the timing is right for that much needed energy release.

Armed with a camera today, I saw:

Most everyone has seen this angle of my little guy- his pants are perpetually plumbed. Couldn't resist adding it to the list.

The sky couldn't quite figure it out today. It rained, then sun- off and on for hours. But it made for a beautiful contrast in color.

Please don't tell the tulips that it's still winter.

Two variations on shelter being constructed in the distance. One made of tarp, the other au naturel.

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Regina said...

looks like fun. it is so pretty out at your place