Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Boy's Dream and Some Serious Work Ahead

I have a trucker in my house. He likes everything truck. So when this arrived on our street, well see for yourself.

On a side note, I am so glad this is getting fixed- it's been a bit hairy.

Other parts of our road are completely messed up, too. (Just not hanging precariously over a river).

Chunks of asphalt are strewn everywhere throughout the big field. It looks as if a hurricane hit here.

One of the holes in the field. We've found some really neat treasures hidden in these.

Part of the road- I found out the pipe was part of the drainage for the ditch. That could come in handy.


Easter A. said...

I was here yesterday...

I am amazed at your attitude for inpsite of what I see here, you dear Heather, see the beauty of it all. God's light shines brightly through you!

Regina said...

wow, thats amazing. r u still stuck or is the street driveable (if you have the nerve)

loffer said...

I saw you at church yesterday and wondered if you had to swim to get there!

Pretty fun stuff for the kiddos!