Monday, January 19, 2009

January- Code for "Make Yourself Feel Better and Organize"

Did you notice everywhere you go, life is calling out to get your ducks in a row? I'm talking the usual January get back in shape, de-clutter, pack away all that is holiday and just get organized.

I love that every January we collectively jump on our own personal makeovers- both our bodies and homes, offices, cars. The other day I went into one of those mega wholesale stores and was smitten with all that is clean (read no clutter) and streamlined (again, the clutter thing). I abhor clutter. I can handle it for about five minutes and then I get cranky and feel claustrophobic. Now my feelings may be this intense but my house is not quite there. I'm working on it. The phrase I've said one hundred and fifty-two times this weekend?? 'There's a place for everything, and everything in its place'. I think if I repeat it enough, I can whip the rest of them in shape.

And for the very first time EVER in my life, I have made a commitment to setting a weekly menu and shopping list to coincide. With this little book for some guidance (also parallels the 90 day workout program) I'm all set for the week. Dinner is made for tonight and already I feel more organized and ready to tackle the every night this week activity schedule. Ahhhh. Now if I could just get the van detailed and get the hot chocolate out of the carpet mats....

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