Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Time has been flying over here so I've been on a blogging diet. It's unusual that I had to blow the dust off my camera this morning and see what its memory was holding. What was not on there was our afternoon spent with Regina and kids on Friday. Good for Regina that she snapped a few photos because clearly it didn't occur to me. How fun that our kids were perfectly paired up in age- mine had a fabulous time. Regina tried to teach me a thing or twelve with knitting and probably went home with a huge headache.

The rest of the weekend brought about two basketball games, my honey's volunteer firefighter test (he did great), an awesome run in the sun through some beautiful terrain (but again, no camera), Mass at this funny, old church on Saturday evening, teaching Sunday school yesterday, shopping, knitting and dropping stitches, a chilly adventure looking for treasures by the river with my daughter and finally relaxing.

And so it's Monday again and we're back to the grindstone of lessons and such. That means I'm back to my yin-yang of homeschool indecisiveness. Someone recently told me that every winter homeschool families go through this. Maybe it's a temporary, seasonal thing but I'm leaning more towards traditional school in the fall. With lots of prayer and counsel, we'll get it figured out- just another unknown in our lives. Have a great start to the week, my friends.

Oh! Are you wondering what I did find on the camera? A few photos of the golf course across the river from our house. It's getting better everyday but still has a few obstacles.

We've had a lot of foggy days here lately. My favorite days are when the sun comes out and the fog lifts. Ahhh.

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Regina said...

love the fog pic.
sorry i didnt get you totally squared away on the knitting!
glad you kept your sanity for your crazy saturday.
you cant send them back to school...who will we visit with on fridays?