Friday, January 16, 2009

And if it Won't Shine

I have finally figured out that moving from one extreme- the desert with it's nearly constant bright sunlight to the Pacific Northwest with it's long wintry, gray days has taken a toll. I never thought it would be that tough because in Las Vegas if we had a rainy day that instantly made us feel cozy and comforted. I suppose we've had too many of those days up here and such short days, too. Completely at the other end of the spectrum. And speaking of spectrum, I made this little purchase yesterday to help. I ended up getting the smaller version- the Mini Plus- we'll see...And as I sip my latte this morning the light illuminating my room looks silly- I'm so glad there are no neighbors around to wonder if the circus has come to our house.


Regina said...

coming from the sw i totally feel ya! hope the light helps

Jill & Rob said...

What a perfect purchase! I have been looking and found they were atleast $200!

Here's to a sunny morning, with a tasty cup of traders joes coffee.

Love ya, Jill