Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heave Ho, We're Layin' Low

We're fighting a lingering stomach bug over here. Fine one day, down the next- over and over. I suppose you call it a relapse?? Yesterday was a quiet day with one in bed moaning and sleeping, one helping mommy take care of all needs and the other just using his imagination. The weather also led us to feel somewhat like a nap- dark and drizzly the entire day. Until about 3:30 when the sun finally won it's place through the dreariness. From the kitchen window, we saw this patch of light hitting the hillside-what a reminder that the sun is still up there, ready to shine.

And being stuck in the house is also not conducive to sickness when the pantry is scarce. Somehow a bare bones chicken noodle soup was concocted with honey-oat bread to follow. While the soup simmered my daughter and I sipped tea and bonded over magazine crafts and recipes, trying to plan out the Thanksgiving meal. Although I don't even remotely like the sickness, I revel in these days that are out of the ordinary and bring forth closeness.

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Regina said...

hope you feel better soon