Friday, November 21, 2008

Powdered Noses and Lucy

Fearless as ducks, we headed into the city yesterday- barely able to see through the rain on the freeway. Raincoats on, umbrellas in hand as we hopped over puddles while mommy shouted, "You don't want wet feet all day!"

We ended up at King 5 TV for a tour with a fabulous guide who knew everything about anything and was very familiar with her crew...six year old tiger scouts. She knew all their antics-touching the green screen, reaching for buttons in the control room, wandering off with their curiosities. These boys were actually very good and stayed super quiet while walking past the news on air. (If only the small squirt in my arms behaved the same way...did you hear him?)

The best part at the end of the tour was the boys seeing themselves on the monitors with the city behind them and trying to figure out why the city wasn't truly behind them. They learned that even the men wear make up because after all...a shiny nose is a shiny nose no matter what gender you are. And most importantly, they learned that you have to get up really early in the morning to be a broadcast journalist.

Next we headed over to the Pacific Science Center to become official members. And lucky us because they're giving free passes to see the world famous Lucy exhibit. Do you know about Lucy? She was found not long after I was born in Ethiopia and is over 3 million years old. Knowing these passes usually cost buco bucks, I wanted to get the most of it however, that particular squirt had other ideas. So, I didn't get to read and hear everything I wanted to but I got to see this old gal and that was pretty cool.

As the day wore on and my fatigue set in, we headed outdoors for a cup of coffee and hot chocolates for small people. And wouldn't you know that the skies had cleared and the sun was in full effect. It was nice enough for us to go on our own fossil expedition.


Regina said...

looks like fun! sad we missed it

Meredith said...

How cute are they, and what a fun outing! Many blessings to you!