Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big Night Out Teaches Valuable Lesson

Some of you know that it's been a long time for mommy to get out of the house. (Still working on finding a sitter so mom and dad could actually have a date!). Last night I was invited to join a group at church called Willing Hands. What a nice group of all aged, beautiful women knitting together and attempting to do Bible study. It was a great night of laughs and I really needed it.

Let me go back a bit and say that on my way to Mercer Island, I picked up my friend Robin, her teenage daughter and her one-month old baby. As we drove along the highway a new light came on in the van. "Hmmm, haven't seen that one before..." I said. It turned out to be a tire pressure light. Instantly my mind blamed I mean thought of the guys filling my tires just hours before at the lube shop. I got out and checked the tires- they looked good to me....

Hours later at 10pm we come out of the church and there is my car, looking sick. Tire just a hair off of being totally flat- not good for this disconnected girl with no cell phone on a sleepy, dark island. I borrowed a cell and called AAA- they would be there in an hour. Did I mention I had a baby and teen with me??? That wouldn't do... Then came Amanda, a young lady from the group. "You don't know how to change a tire???" she asked me in great surprise. "You do?" I asked back. Turns out Amanda is from Alaska with mechanics in the family. She was calm, cool, collected. It was dark, desolate and FREEZING! With a smile on her face she taught me a great needed In between working on the car Amanda introduced me to the beautiful perpetual adoration chapel. We went in to say a prayer to get us home safely. It was warm and cozy and I asked for protection to get this sweet little newborn home safely.

Shortly before midnight we did just that. Home safe with a thankful heart.

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