Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Neti Pot Play

These Neti Pots...have you seen them?

Better yet- have you tried one?

The Opening Act
I digress. Last night I skipped my group run because it was lurking... Cold number 2 for the season. Scratchy throat, stuffy nose, feeling rather run down. After early bed times for the wee ones and a hot bath followed by two EmergenC's- it was imminent.

Amazingly my husband (who is fighting the good rhino fight with me) recommended we try one of those "things" that drains out your nose. "A Neti Pot"?? I asked. "Mmmhmm, let's try one".

Scene II
We're driving away from the health food store and my daughter in the back seat is astonished as she's reading the box and instructions. My bear-fearing girl yells, "I'd rather kiss 100 ANGRY brown bears than put this thing up my nose!" Followed by a meek "You wouldn't make me do that, would you mom"? The bears or the flush, I wonder.

The Final Curtain
My husband emerges from the bathroom with a sheepish smile. He claims he feels a bit like he just took a swim. He claims he feels "pretty good". So off I went for my turn. I snarfed and hacked- I'll spare you all the details. But now I'm sitting here now feeling like $999K. That close to a million bucks...

So the moral of the story is - go ahead and try one, you might like these "nutty pots"*. Let's all raise our pots to happy health.

*My daughter swears they made a typo on the box!

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